On Mondays and Fridays


Black,blue or grey.
Light finds a way.
Darkness falls.
The rays chase it away.
A continuous game do they play.
For every tear we shed, a smile will come our way.
For every Monday we endure,
A Friday does beckon, with good cheer.





What IS being lonely?
Preferring a book to people?Because a book supports silently.
Watching films alone?Because getting others to join in is a coordination of calendars, choices and opinions……and not just about hanging out.
Is it not having someone to share your moments with?
Or is it having someone and yet not being heard?
Is it always being the ear but not a voice?
Is it having to wake up even when you can’t?
Is it finding joy in the mundane?
The birds, trees and skies.
Is it feeling lost and bewildered?
Because you never seem to fit in?

as a reaction to this poem by Charles Bukowski

I’ve never been lonely.
I’ve been in a room —
I’ve felt suicidal.
I’ve been depressed.
I’ve felt awful — 
awful beyond all —
but I never felt that
one other person
could enter that room
and cure what was bothering me…
or that any number of people
could enter that room.
In other words,
loneliness is something
I’ve never been bothered with
because I’ve always had
this terrible itch for solitude.
It’s being at a party,
or at a stadium full of people
cheering for something,
that I might feel loneliness.
I’ll quote Ibsen,
“The strongest men are the most alone.”
….You know the typical crowd,
“Wow, it’s Friday night,
what are you going to do?
Just sit there?”
Well, yeah.
Because there’s nothing out there.
It’s stupidity.
Stupid people
mingling with stupid people.
Let them stupidify themselves.
I’ve never been bothered
with the need to rush out into the night.
I hid in bars,
because I didn’t want to hide in factories.
That’s all.
Sorry for all the millions,
but I’ve never been lonely.
I like myself.
I’m the best form of entertainment I have.
Let’s drink more wine!

-Charles Bukowski



Dark and glowering.
Clouds burst out.

Raged and ranted.
Bent trees in two.

Whistled and growled
Threw birds about.

Rained and poured.
Soaked the earth through.

Did all that storms do.
Devastation, like loss does too.

I was in the storm.
Its havoc on my soul.

I was the bird, the tree bent in two.
My tears soaking through.

I cowered in the dark.
It flourished within

Bruised and numb

No light.No hope.
For living on-no justification.

Out then came the sun.
Shining in its turn.

The wind still huffed
Them clouds all puffed.

The water still splattered
But a lot less shattered.

In its wake a rainbow,
The storm did bring.

A faint but valiant curve
Of healing.

I stirred. And turned.
Looked at the skies.

Dark no more.Alight.
I sighed.I smiled.

Chose life.

3 Storeys


हम सब कहानियां हैं.हमारी अपनी.दूसरों की.अंजान लोगों की.अपनों की.

किसी भी कहानी का पूरा सच सिर्फ उसके किरदारों को पता होता है. सुनने वाला वही जानता है जो उसे बताया जाता है. दूर से देखने वालों के लिए तो यह सिर्फ उनकी कल्पना की उड़ान होती है. अक्सर, कहानियों की इसी काल्पनिकता में खो कर, कुछ देर के लिए ही सही, हम अपनी कहानी की वास्तविकता से या तो राहत पाते हैं या उसके लिए शुक्रगुज़ार होते हैं.

3 Storeys Mumbai के माया नगर की एक 3 मंज़िली चौल की कहानी है..हर मंज़िल की एक….शुरुआत में साधारण सी, पर अंत होते होते अचंभित करने वाला एक मोड़.

Flory Mendonca के बिगड़े हुए बेटे की कहानी. वह बेटा जो छोटी उम्र में एक हादसे का शिकार हुआ. क्यों, कैसे? और अब Flory मेंडोंसा अपने घर के लिए तीन गुना कीमत क्यों मांग रहीं हैं? और ६ साल में यह पहला खरीदार, उसे दे क्यों रहा है?

Varsha Apte और उसके पियक्कड़ पति की. वह क्यों सेहती है उसकी मार?

Suhail और Malini की प्रेम कहानी. जो सबको दिखती है.पर दोनों की माओं को नहीं सुहाती. बात जात पात की है या…..?

तीनो कहानियां एक सूत्रधार के धागे से बुनी हैं. और उसकी भी एक कहानी है…या फिर वह एक कहानी है ?

2018-03-10 23661953350..jpg

If we go storey wise, right at the top is the cast and crew with their effective execution.

Renuka Shahane as Flory Mendonca-the loving neighbourhood auntie is exceptional. The lapses into the disdainful old lady with the broker are super and she is the epitome of a good Goan Christian. Absolutely un-relatable to the sanskaari Pooja Bhabhi from Hum Aapke Hain Koun or any of her other roles, which have been too far and too few. More please!

Pulkit Samrat channelling Salman Khan in mannerisms and acting and doing a much better job than him! If they get beyond the choc boy looks and muscle-shuscle, the possibilities of an actor within are bright.

Masumeh as Varsha does justice to her beleaguered with a drunkard husband role;While escaping into memories of happiness with her lost love. Tarun Anand is the said drunk and is good enough to be despised thoroughly. And they do equally well in a turnaround…..

Sharman Joshi as Shankar is his usual utterly charming best. I think he’s great actor. Give him an opportunity Bollywood. (Soft spot alert!)

Ankit Rathi and Aisha Ahmed as Suhail and Malini fit the role assigned and don’t over-do it. If anyone reading this, who has seen the movie, can tell me Malini’s mother’s name, I’d be grateful.)

Richa Chadha As Leela…..the utterly oomphy resident of the chawl. Or is she?It is Maya Nagar after all.

The absolute delight for me was the small but very effective role of Ganpat Rao the Cop, played by Himanshu Malik. A very far cry from his other work in the past such as “Tum Bin” and “Khwahish”. Brawny and beefy and totally in love with Leela, he fits the role like a glove. Another one to be given opportunities. Look beyond the handsome face and chiselled body!

All of them ably directed by Arjun Mukerjee, about whom nothing is known at least on the www. If this is indeed his debut then what an excellent one man. Good show and all that.

The second storey would be the stories themselves. Simple enough and executed well thanks to the director and actors. In here, there are stories we have all seen, heard or lived through. I have to admit, I cracked two of them before the movie unfolded to the twist, but that’s just years of using my grey cells. (Immodesty alert!)

The third storey would be the music which is not memorable at all but fits in well with the film I guess. Sorry Clinton Cerejo.

3 Storeys. Please watch.