On Mondays and Fridays


Black,blue or grey.
Light finds a way.
Darkness falls.
The rays chase it away.
A continuous game do they play.
For every tear we shed, a smile will come our way.
For every Monday we endure,
A Friday does beckon, with good cheer.





What IS being lonely?
Preferring a book to people?Because a book supports silently.
Watching films alone?Because getting others to join in is a coordination of calendars, choices and opinions……and not just about hanging out.
Is it not having someone to share your moments with?
Or is it having someone and yet not being heard?
Is it always being the ear but not a voice?
Is it having to wake up even when you can’t?
Is it finding joy in the mundane?
The birds, trees and skies.
Is it feeling lost and bewildered?
Because you never seem to fit in?

as a reaction to this poem by Charles Bukowski

I’ve never been lonely.
I’ve been in a room —
I’ve felt suicidal.
I’ve been depressed.
I’ve felt awful — 
awful beyond all —
but I never felt that
one other person
could enter that room
and cure what was bothering me…
or that any number of people
could enter that room.
In other words,
loneliness is something
I’ve never been bothered with
because I’ve always had
this terrible itch for solitude.
It’s being at a party,
or at a stadium full of people
cheering for something,
that I might feel loneliness.
I’ll quote Ibsen,
“The strongest men are the most alone.”
….You know the typical crowd,
“Wow, it’s Friday night,
what are you going to do?
Just sit there?”
Well, yeah.
Because there’s nothing out there.
It’s stupidity.
Stupid people
mingling with stupid people.
Let them stupidify themselves.
I’ve never been bothered
with the need to rush out into the night.
I hid in bars,
because I didn’t want to hide in factories.
That’s all.
Sorry for all the millions,
but I’ve never been lonely.
I like myself.
I’m the best form of entertainment I have.
Let’s drink more wine!

-Charles Bukowski



Dark and glowering.
Clouds burst out.

Raged and ranted.
Bent trees in two.

Whistled and growled
Threw birds about.

Rained and poured.
Soaked the earth through.

Did all that storms do.
Devastation, like loss does too.

I was in the storm.
Its havoc on my soul.

I was the bird, the tree bent in two.
My tears soaking through.

I cowered in the dark.
It flourished within

Bruised and numb

No light.No hope.
For living on-no justification.

Out then came the sun.
Shining in its turn.

The wind still huffed
Them clouds all puffed.

The water still splattered
But a lot less shattered.

In its wake a rainbow,
The storm did bring.

A faint but valiant curve
Of healing.

I stirred. And turned.
Looked at the skies.

Dark no more.Alight.
I sighed.I smiled.

Chose life.

What does hurt look like?

What does hurt look like?
Big dilated eyes?
Or a reflection from which you avert them?
Is it the deafening sound of a beating heart?
And you wish it would stop.
Or perhaps the gushing blood in the veins
Which just goes on and on.
Is it the vise around the throat
Of unuttered screams
Or the agony of having to move
When stillness is all you crave?
Is it your lungs doing their bit
When you wish they’d take a break.
Is it having to talk
When you wish you could just stop.
Is it looking but not seeing?
Listening but not registering?
Is it the grey cast of rain
Or the dull haze of a storm?
Is it a heavy dreamless sleep
Or night after night of none?
Is it wanting to run
And having to stay?
Is it having to go from day-to-day,
Struggling till you find a way.
To keep the hurt at bay.
Keep its indelibility
An arms length away.

Be A Staunch Star


Beyond chaos,

Distant from noise.

Dusk dulls the edges,

A lone star gives light.


A close. Some silence.

An evaluation here and there.

Anticipation and apprehension in parts,

What brings tomorrow?


Rest now though.

Let the day go.

It’s not an end.

Just a pause on the bend.


Remember the graceful goodbye,

The staunchly shining star.

You decide your tomorrow,

You carve your path.

Source: Be A Staunch Star

भेड़ की चाल,वरना बेहाल


भारतवासी चले भेड़ की चाल

वरना हो जाएं बेहाल

क्या खाएं

क्या देखें

सब तय करेगी सरकार

अपने पैसों के लिए

कतारों  में जूझें

छोटी सी असुविधा है

देश-हित में सहें

हम जनता हैं

उधार से  चलाएं काम

हताष  होना हमारा  कर्म

बिजली ,पानी ,सड़क ,अस्पताल कम

महँगाई और कर का  ऊपर से दम

रोज़  की लड़ाइयों  में जोड़ लें

रोज़ एक नया नियम

गैय्या  को पूजें

सड़कों  पे छोडें

कूड़ा  खाएंगी

स्वच्छ भारत बनाएंगी

सवालों पे रोक

सोचने पे टोक

स्वतंत्र  विचार हैं पाप

अलग नहीं हो सकते किसी के विचार

तुरंत कहलाओगे  गद्दार

राष्ट्रगान  हर फिल्म  से पहले

सरकार का गुणगान हर सांस से पहले

देश  भक्ति का अब यही प्रमाण

 क्या  यह   है

मेरा भारत महान ?