भेड़ की चाल,वरना बेहाल


भारतवासी चले भेड़ की चाल

वरना हो जाएं बेहाल

क्या खाएं

क्या देखें

सब तय करेगी सरकार

अपने पैसों के लिए

कतारों  में जूझें

छोटी सी असुविधा है

देश-हित में सहें

हम जनता हैं

उधार से  चलाएं काम

हताष  होना हमारा  कर्म

बिजली ,पानी ,सड़क ,अस्पताल कम

महँगाई और कर का  ऊपर से दम

रोज़  की लड़ाइयों  में जोड़ लें

रोज़ एक नया नियम

गैय्या  को पूजें

सड़कों  पे छोडें

कूड़ा  खाएंगी

स्वच्छ भारत बनाएंगी

सवालों पे रोक

सोचने पे टोक

स्वतंत्र  विचार हैं पाप

अलग नहीं हो सकते किसी के विचार

तुरंत कहलाओगे  गद्दार

राष्ट्रगान  हर फिल्म  से पहले

सरकार का गुणगान हर सांस से पहले

देश  भक्ति का अब यही प्रमाण

 क्या  यह   है

मेरा भारत महान ?



Are you listening Mr. Kejriwal?


A drama is currently being played out at the North Block. The Chief Minister of Delhi-no less, is sitting on a “dharna”-protest. To begin with, he had wanted some policemen suspended for dereliction of duty, without any enquiry. The list of demands includes as of now suspension of the same policemen and Delhi Police to report to The Delhi Government immediately. There are others.

We are 4 days away from our 64th Republic Day. Security in the Capital-always a Herculean task for the agencies-has assumed the proportions of a mammoth nightmare.

Yet-they battle the cold and the rain to provide security to a CM who seems to behaving more like a recalcitrant 4 year old and less like the educated 45 year he is.

The jury is divided. Some are slamming him. Some are supporting saying that desperate times call for desperate measures. They say this is perhaps the only way to change things.

Change. Watching the drama play out- I contemplate change. A typhoon in its wake also leaves devastated change as does a flood or a war. Then again a flowing river wroughts gentle change as it smoothens the rocks in its path as does reviving rain, bringing to life the parched earth.

The choice of what kind of change we seek or want to bring about lies within us.

Mr. Kejriwal-are you listening?

You have been selected as the agent of change. Your poll promises and insidious campaigns seemed to offer just that. Magical means to rid the country of its evils. The masses need a hero to fight their cause and you became just that for them. However, in these times of instant gratification, the change sought for was expected instantly.

Magically. A wand to swish the bad away. A potion for strength to fight it. But hey-The tree the wand came from took time to grow and become wand worthy. That any potion worth its salt takes time to brew and gain strength. That magic is only in Harry Potter’s books and EVEN he took –with all the advantages of speed in fiction-7 books and as many years to defeat Voldemort! That magic is also an illusion.

Fine Fine. All poll campaigns are like that. Conceded.  Post that however, would it not have made sense for you to take over the reins and take some “settling time”? Ostensibly you do have 5 years. Surely a month of acclimatisation and orientation would have helped? You see, however corrupt the previous government may have been (as repeatedly stated by you)-there is sure to have been SOME governance happening. Paperwork, procedures? To initiate any change, I’m sure you needed to first know what to change there?  Yes of course- the public who voted you to power wanted and sought the magic wand. As the leader of your party it would not have been difficult for you to buy time diplomatically while you settled in. And everyone in a new job needs to find their feet.

You are not a seasoned politician and the importance of statecraft is not to be laughed at in governance. Yes-your inexperience may be your biggest strength, given the cause of corruption you have chosen to fight. But a measure of diplomacy IS needed. The rot of decades, will not get swept in one wield of the broom. It will take brooms of many varieties, some scrubbing and perhaps a while lot of pest control before some measure of change occurs. Why not give some patience a chance and work towards that? The river flowing gently?

All you seem to be doing is resorting to jingoism and knee jerk reactions. If you do have a game plan to govern this city, only small coterie is probably privy to that information. A coterie strongly in need of etiquette classes by the way. Is there a method to your madness? Or is madness the only method? Why else would you resort to holding the Home Ministry to ransom, in a highly sensitive security zone, with the biggest national event of the country around the corner?

Are you perhaps encouraging lawlessness with your proclamation of being an anarchist and your actions? The crowds you assemble are not peaceful. You abuse the same policemen that you ask help from. A feeling of unrest prevails in the city. You mock the Republic Day even. Astounding. THIS is definitely not the change you were voted in for. There is a time and place for action, and this is NOT it. You are compromising the security of Delhi Mr. CM. Very irresponsible of you.

And who is running Delhi while you squat and then sleep at Rail Bhavan? Perhaps the previous government set it up so well that it runs by itself on oiled wheels, leaving you free to choose your “dharna”? No you say? Hmm so then? Barring then the 50 files you cleared….other business?????

Your present stunt-no other word for it-has riled people-yes-even the aam aadmi who voted for you. We are not fighting the freedom struggle here. Realistically-The people want an ideal, honest, clean world-without having to do much for it. The “hero” has to do the leg work. So if you expect the populace to get misty eyed at your “dharna” and join it in droves -think again.

There are livings to be earned, offices to be reached, education to be provided. The same aam aadmi has to also live his daily life. To expect him to be noble and sacrificing about being stuck in traffic, crowded metro stations or anywhere-specially in this cold is very unrealistic of you. Will they never be that misty eyed- sure they will. They will also make sacrifices, do a Satyagraha and join your dharna. But not in less than 30 days of your being at the helm of affairs. It took us over a 100 years to get free of the Brits- and at the time there was a singularity in the aim. EVERYONE wanted them out. The fervour was different. Today-there are vested interests, pressure groups, diversionary tactics-all employed to de-rail any activity. To counter all that, garner public support and bring change are not then a wave of the wand are they? They need to be built up with some planning, thought and yes-“rajneeti”-however noble the intention may be.

You have not invested in the people of Delhi yet Mr. CM. Mere rhetoric does not get “bhagidari” from them.  Refusing a house befitting a CM does not do it. Nor does self-righteousness-which you anyway belie with your words- “I am the CM of Delhi. The Home Minister does not tell me where to sit. I tell him”. The arrogance of new found power?

A spot of hard work and planning. Implementation. A little less talking. A lot more work. That’s what it takes.

All eyes are on you today. The supporters in admiration. The detractors hoping for you to falter in style. The fence sitters with interest, no doubt making up their minds quickly now.  All of them are waiting – to see how well you utilise this rare opportunity to be a harbinger of the tremendous change you promised. Only time will tell, if you will be revered for your actions or ridiculed for them.

Time, perhaps for you to get your act together?




It was a night such as this, a year ago, on the streets of Delhi that you were subjected to horrors beyond description. The bestiality made us cry out in horror. Yet, you on whom the worst of human nature was inflicted, remained strong and stoic.

I cannot say I remember you today for you never left my thoughts long enough to become a memory.  You remain in our consciousness. You remain in our hearts. Your death is on our conscience.

Haunt us Nirbhaya till we get you justice. Till we achieve the change we want.

Leave God Alone For Us


There was a strong gust of wind some days ago. It swept around the city, a wave of gladness. It was the Traffic Police in the National Capital Region heaving a heartfelt, collective sigh of relief.  Joined in, with full, almost gale force by the residents of the region.

Why so much feeling you ask?

The “kanwar yatra” for the year had finished. 10 long days of diverted, slow and sometimes completely stalled traffic had come and gone.

But I must explain. Courtesy Wikipedia-the facts on what the yatra is, as below:

Kanwar Yatra

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Kānvar Yatrā or Kavad Yatra (Devanagari: काँवर यात्रा or कांवड़ यात्रा) is an annual pilgrimage of devotees of Shiva, known as Kānvarias, to Hindu pilgrimage places of Haridwar, Gaumukh and Gangotri in Uttarakhand to fetch holy waters of Ganges River, Ganga Jal, which is later offered at their local Shiva temples. The Yatra takes place during the sacred month of Shravan (Saawan) (July -August), according to the Hindu calendar.

Kanwar Yatra is named after the kānvar (काँवर), a single pole (usually made of bamboo) with two roughly equal loads fastened or dangling from opposite ends. The kānvar is carried by balancing the middle of the pole on one or both shoulders.[5] The Hindi word kānvar is derived from the Sanskrit kānvānrathi (काँवाँरथी).[5] Kānvar-carrying pilgrims, called Kānvariās, carry covered water-pots in kānvars slung across their shoulders. This practice of carrying Kavad as a part of religious pilgrimage, especially by devotees of Lord Shiva, is widely followed throughout India (see Kavadi). Yatra means a journey or procession.[3]

This “yatra” has been on, possibly for hundreds of years. However, over the past 20 years or so, its politicisation has gained it fame and mostly notoriety. Hardline Hindutva driven parties such as the RSS, fund this all expense paid trip for young, unemployed mean, who have nothing better to do.

Thus, the  handful of staunch devotees undertaking this fairly arduous journey have been joined by a huge throng of orange clad, hockey wielding , loud and raucous thugs. They rule the roads for these 10 days and seriously shake ones faith in religion and god. Unfortunately, the few who are the genuine thing get tarred with the same brush of being goons.

Not popular-these “kanwariyas”. Feared, disliked, disdained. Sadly negative emotions  to a journey of faith and god for a few. The piety of the pilgrims is rarely appreciated.

Perhaps because the majority don’t seem to be exhibiting much of it…..

The route they follow sprouts Camps for them to rest and relax and food and sustenance are available here. To beguile the tedium of this wait, high decibel, ear drum shattering music, set to popular film songs, and invoking Lord Shiva is played at odd hours. The ultimate in keeping with the times!-Disco Devotion.

All the roads they follow now also have a walking lane demarcated for them and a posse of policemen and security guards direct vehicular and all other “non-kanwariya” traffic so no one bruises them with even a harsh word even-lest they get hurt and a riot erupts! Yes-this is what is possible and invariably happens in a disagreement-however mild, with a “devout” kanwariya. Whether the other person is justified in their action or not, incidents involving “kanwariyas” have escalated into full scale mob fighting and destruction of cars and other public and private property.

Without a doubt, some of the accidents HAVE been negligence and apathy…but resorting to violence and harming innocent people cannot possibly be a justification for the outright bullying behaviour of these supposed devotees.

At the end of the 10 days, they depart loaded in hugely decorated trucks and other vehicles, the “Disco Devotion Albums” at their loudest….incidentally vandalising a public bus, beating up  the odd businessman and completely and totally jamming all roads on the Ghaziabad part of town…..and when I say jamming-I don’t mean music.

The authorities show a huge amount of preparedness in handling them now, which is why, demarcated lanes and policemen in droves. If only so much planning and care went into the routine business of traffic, rules, protection and security…there would be fewer accidents, lesser violations of rules, better road management and altogether a safer city?

Yes-this preparation IS in-fact protecting the city and its people from the politically backed, highly misplaced, hooliganism promoted under the guise of religion and god. All to the end of securing a vote bank and muscle power of a bunch of thugs.


I wish a journey of reverence for some had not been turned into a potentially violent, un-enjoyable circus of some ridicule.

I wish they would leave God alone for us.




I live in a colony called the National Media Centre in Gurgaon. It is one of the oldest housing societies to have set up in Gurgaon….well before the path of supposed progress made its way here with glass fronted buildings and unruly traffic increasing in direct proportion to basic amenities such as water, electricity and roads decreasing.
A veritable oasis in the desert, the NMC is located on the NH 8. A brief drive inwards leads to the actual houses. The area between the main road and the houses was originally ear-marked for future development as a green belt, but given to the Society to maintain. This by the Government in power at the time. This green cover (the society planted and maintained trees) and its design and layout helped the colony maintain its peace and quaint character despite all the chaos around us i.e. unfettered construction of commercial buildings around us. Not for long though.
The first blows were of our water table diminishing leading to water problems….you see all around us we had these huge monstrosities soaking up the water and leaving us little. Over time as the number of people travelling to Gurgaon increased, so did the traffic leading to choked roads. They thought that the Delhi Metro connectivity would ease things but no not really. Then the government and a big bully of a builder decided to build a Rapid Metro-which would connect people to the main Metro. Sounds terrific I know. But you remember the area for the green belt? They encroached on it with no permission and as bullies and cowards will….in the dark of the night.
So we managed to stop them felling some trees, but their construction went on anyway and the matter in court.
Chugging along in this fashion, the Rapid Metro is due to be commissioned soon and the matter of the land treading the slow course of the law in our country. I guess they were not making enough money….these politicos and the bully builder…..a plan for widening roads came into being. Ostensibly to ease the traffic jams. That green belt?….was to become grey and tarmacadammed. Green? Huh!
Again matters in court. And again, early in the morning today, when we slept, like true thugs and bullies with not an iota of ethics or conscience, they broke our ENTIRE boundary wall and large equipment is now parked on that Green Belt. A matter of time before the beautiful old trees are massacred.
If you are wondering why all this is SUCH an issue….firstly If it was all above board and legal….this could have been done in an organised way and in daylight, with notice. Not by skulking up like thieves and attacking. Like I said…….cowards. Secondly, down the road from us is a hulking mall. Initially the area where the mall is, was a huge water body and the housing there was sold with the USP of a lake facing etc etc house. Now, that lake is a 7 storey mall and the traffic getting into and out of that mall causes a large part of the jam and blockage. Clearing a mall construction there is SO clearly a decision of commercial gains and thickly lined pockets. So yes….Green belts are being maintained…..holding up all those trousers laden with money.
Do not please for a moment think that we as a colony are hankering for that land for any vested interests. It HAS been maintained as the Green Belt it was intended to be by us. Our protest yes at factual levels is about compensation and money matters…but all residents are not privy to it nor do they need to be. A section of the socities’ elected representatives are handling it.
As a society and place we reside in and our children are growing up in, the residents of National Media Centre ARE protesting. I can voice my feelings. May be the others will too.
Yes- I protest against this blatant and sickening display of money bought power. It troubles me that money is all that matters and people will go to any lengths to achieve their ends. It angers me that perhaps I have no choice but to stand back and let injustice happen. It saddens me that this is happening with the support of a government I have elected. It makes me believe that this is indeed “kalyug”- ironically….I read a description of it in an email today and it was so disturbingly apt.

A description of Kal(i)yug

“As the Age turns to evil (that is, when Kaliyug begins) every virtue decays and vanishes: honesty, forbearance, kindness, memory and strength disappear.

Wealth replaces a noble birth, character and conduct. Might becomes right, for might alone determines dharma and justice.

Trade and fraudulent practice become synonymous.

The law will favour only the rich, and will have no regard for justice. He that can curse and swear best will be considered the finest scholar.

Poverty will be sufficient cause to establish guilt in the eyes of the law, while wealth and ostentation will be indices of character.

Rudeness and brashness of speech will be equal to dharma.

He that maintains his family by the foulest means will be considered respectable. Dharma will be observed only for exhibition.

Whoever is strong and daring will become the king, and will rule like greedy lustful bandits, with plunder and rapine of their own subjects, who will often flee such tyranny and seek refuge in forests and mountains.

Exhausted by cruel taxes, deprived of rains in lands from which true dharma has fled, the people will subsist on wild vegetation, roots, flesh, fruits, flowers, etc.

Kings will become mere robbers, and men, driven by despair and poverty, will become thieves, liars and murderers.

Men will become bestial and perverse– miserly, ruthless, greedy and

Arrogance, hypocrisy, deception, dishonesty, sloth, somnolence, cruelty of every kind, delusion, terror and wretchedness will rule.

Brigands and robbers will rule the land. Kings will all be tyrants.
People will espouse gluttony, lasciviousness and venality of every kind.

The vilest men will become the foremost traders, making cheating and thievery the common practice of the marketplace. Even when they are not threatened with any danger, men will take to forbidden means to earn their livelihood, and pride themselves on it.

Relationships between parents and children, brothers, friends and relations will not be valued.

Seated upon the sacred thrones of great and holy gurus of yore, men that are masters only of vice will expound dharma to the gullible populace.

Depleted by dreadful taxes, tormented by drought, starved, owning none of the bare necessities of life—homes, clothes, food and drink, a bed, a bath,etc. –men will seem more like bhutas and pisachas.

Over small matters, members of the same family will fight their own blood relations, even unto death, forgetting all ties of affection.

No one will bother to look after their old parents any more; they will only live for themselves, and will neglect their own children. ”
–Bhagavad Purana- 12th Chapter.