Jolly LLB 2


The world is bursting with dishonest people, corrupt lawyers and policemen. They have sold their soul to the devilish duo of money and power and will not hesitate a nano-second to destroy another human being for their gains. Some don’t even stop at feathering their nests by helping unfriendly neighbours rip apart the fabric of the nation.

Loyalty is only to the self. Justice is deaf as well as blind and is easily manipulated by pieces of paper….with Gandhiji on them.

So blinkered are people in their own ambitions, that they think nothing of using a less fortunate person to achieve their ends. The conscience emerges belatedly after the long, lone struggler for justice gives up at being lied to and used just for the hard earned money she can provide and ends it all. Thereafter do or die attempts at a delayed justice and redemption on part of the scheming lawyer.To achieve this too, it takes bribes,bloodshed and underhand ways to just get proof that has been suppressed.

Jolly LLB had struck a chord with audiences and critics alike with Arshad Warsi’s restrained performance, Boman Irani’s panache and a Saurabh Shukla’s superlative act of the apparently bumbling but actually hard as nails Judge Tripathy.The sequel tries hard to continue from where the supremely honest and heartfelt Jolly LLB left but falters somewhat. It loses track often due to forced and frankly unmelodious songs and superfluous, unecessary attempts at comedy.

It is  worth one watch and a fair amount of laughs as part of the dialogues and not so much the situations.

Beneath all the humour and ultimate justice, it is an unnerving reflection of our times and these are a horrible, almost disgusting place to be living in.Of course, we already know how this can be fixed, but does anyone actually want to?

Carrying over Saurabh Shukla as Justice Tripathy from Jolly LLB , the rest of the cast includes:

Akshay Kumar as Jagdish Mishra-Jolly-in an average performance largely due to not being able to carry off the UP ka lehza.That, of course is the UPite in me quibbling.He has to be lauded for his choice of films these days and is an under-appreciated actor.

Huma Qureshi as Pushpa Pande, wife of Jolly -Underutilised.

Annu Kapoor and Pramod Mathur the successful lawyer-Overacting and over emphatic but a pleasure to hear him speak just for the Hindi.

Kumud Mishra-Spot on as Suryaveer Singh the rogue cop. At first glance a rotund, pleasant person, in a second he is a menacing encounter cop-and all the changes is the expression in his eyes.

Rajiv Gupta-Jolly’s friend-Birbal.An understated, suitable performance.

Sayani Gupta-As the wronged Hina Qureshi- Authentic.


Saurabh Shukla, for me, was the star of this film.His calibre far outdoes anybody elses in the film, barring perhaps Annu Kapoor.I did also wish that Arshad Warsi was still Jolly but well…..that’s the way it works I guess.

Watch it.At least it tries.






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