Slowmo The Snail


​It lay upturned on flagstones grey

Picked up as vacant gastropode shell.

Gathered some corporate gen on a desk

Travelled distances in a yellow basket.
Was dunked in soap and rinsed thoroughly

Left to soak in a bowl watery.

Thus treatment must have shaken its calm.

Scrubbed out of its reverie

Lo and behold

Emerged a being

It was inhabited…

The shell.

The denizen peeped out tentatively,

Slowmo the Snail looked about shortsightedly.

Must have winced a bit at the squeals of joy

And glad to not have been garlic butter fried.
Why Slowmo?

Well obviously

Life is like that for him constantly.

I did think of Jesus,

Seeing the resurrection.

But feared repurcussions

So let it go to Slowmo.
Placed in a potted plant.

It has lived since,

Huddled in one spot,


Chewing on a leaf occasionally.
Today adventurously,

It found its…er feet.

Slithered around freely.

Descended the potted fern.

Ascended the rose.

Travelled widely.

Three feet or more!

Last seen was on a trek across the balcony,

Slowmo was exploring the territory.
What adventures he’s sure  to have!

Will be shared dilligently.


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