Hold The Honkestra Please


All those who honk incessantly,
What do you expect by the action thusly?
That wings sprout on the vehicle ahead and carry it off swiftly,
Or a weapon will launch,
Decimating it to the ground, finely?


Specially when crawling or at a halt,

Traffic can move not.

Then why the cacophony?

Think you are playing a symphony??

Your part in a Honkestra

A simultaneous, uncoordinated racket of horns most annoyingly.


Well its hardly the Philharmonic

Or Classical in any way.

Get that hand off the horn,

Listen to the radio I say.

Or do yoga.

Or Pray.


Or do you imagine it to be a weapon of god?

That as for Moses, the sea of cars will part at first sight,

A magical mantra that will banish them from sight?

Such lack of insight.

Nothing holy about you mate.

You cause distaste.

With that infernal noise you make.


Calm down.

Give peace a chance.

STOP bloody sounding the horn

As if your life depended on it.

hold the honkestra


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