Udta Punjab





Thanks to the CBFC, there is very little that remains unknown about Udta Punjab. A glimpse of the drug menace which has rendered an entire generation useless in one of India’s most prosperous and vibrant states.

It depicts that effectively, profanely and scarily. It also brings home the fact again (I say rhetorically) that the scourge infesting India are the politicians and their vested interests and their apathy is spreading like an unchecked plague among the bureaucracy ,protective forces and public alike. Add to this, a neighbour, for whom harming India is a sport.

Between the insiders and the outsiders, desh ki to (insert expletive of choice)…….

There are some out there though, who will counter this. And their spirit will not die. And their conscience is not mummified. It there that lies hope for all of us.

The performances are superb and Kareena Kapoor Khan has done a role with some substance in it after ages. Shahid Kapoor, Daljit Dosanjh, the character artistes-all perfectly cast in their roles. However, the undisputed rock star of the film is Alia Bhatt- superlative.

A good film, conveying what it set out to without meaningless preaching, declamations and music and portrays just the right amounts of positivity and redemption realistically possible. It is difficult to remain positive and un-afraid in India today but we must do so. Every effort counts. Every fight is worth it.

Do watch it.





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