So as a fan of SRK,I dutifully watched Fan on day one.I will,still watch this Khan’s films in a cinema hall.The others,I’m not so sure anymore.
Anyway,I digress.Since I had sat through Happy New Year and Dilwale, I went expecting little, a snazzy trailer notwithstanding.Hopes had buoyed somewhat at being told that the movie had received rave reviews.Well, it’s most redeeming factor is that it is NOT a Rohit Shetty caper in neon multi-colour with bad dialogues.Possible reason for positivity and praise.

What I got was a saga of an obsessed fan seeking a sorry from a mega star.Said fan went from loving to loony in the blinking of an eye and managed to wreck havoc in the mega star’s so easily,it was ludicrous.I might try it myself-provided an actor worth the effort and angst makes it to my list.Or anyone for that matter.
SRK as the nutty fan was adequate but nowhere close to the menace he radiated in Anjaam and Darr.Full marks for make up of course.

SRK as the mega star was convincing in parts but mostly hamming.You’d expect a bit more emotion than mild hardening of jaw if your entire life’s work , reputation and safety were at stake at the hands of a mad man.

A not unusual story,narrated predictably and somewhat tediously and with loop holes galore.No edge of the seat thriller this.

The SRK of Swades,Chak De,Darr,Anjaam and other lovely films needs a better director.Or better scripts.Or both.

Home viewing will do for this one.

SRK-still love you.Will watch Raees.In hope.And Swades and Chak De India as often as possible.



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