A cold very bad
Has caught me in its grip.
Common little thing.
Making me flip.

Warm liquids I have to perforce sip.
I’m sneezing loudly and steadily
Scaring people out of their wits.

The nose has a tickle.
The throat can’t eat pickle.
The eyes are a watery trickle.

Remedies on offer are across disciplines.
Gargle,inhale,rest and steam,
Turmeric and Ginger and anti-histimines.

This darn cold though has its  timelines clear.
7 days or a week.
Till then won’t budge its rear.

It makes me gloomy and without cheer.
Like the end is near.
But people tell me bracingly.
Have no fear.
No one has died of a common cold any year.

Well what if I’m the first,my dear?
The world will become a place so poor.
Time for science to pull up its socks.
Tell us a cure for cold is here!


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