The Journey


A tired body
A weary  soul.
Fatiguing  thoughts taking a toll.
Questions.No answers.
Pain.No remedies.
A longing for numbness.
Overwhelming the whole.
The journey-A long dark road.


A corner turned.
Some colour soared.
Across a canvas huge and high.
With light,
And shade.
Criss crosses made.
One stays the other fades.
Forever, neither stays.
The journey-brighter than before.


Still no answers.
Still some pain.
They criss cross too
And remain.
It’s light that makes them bearable.
Gives perspective.
A smattering of reason,
A soupçon of hope.


We’ll do.We’ll find our own.
We’ll get there.
The colours in the journey,
Will line the way.


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