The 5th Day of Spring


The Onset of spring-The 5th day of the waxing moon in Magha, it denotes the start of spring. Safe to say, till Holi- “Spring in the air”.

(Don’t if you’d rather not. Keep them spirits up though!).

Saraswati Pooja– the birthday of the Goddess of learning, knowledge and fine arts.

Sufi Basant– (My learning for the day so thank you dear Saraswati.)
Muslims have been celebrating Basant since the 12th century A.D. According to legend Delhi’s Chishti Saint Nizamuddin Aulia’s young nephew Taqiuddin Nooh died. Stricken with grief, he withdrew from society. The court poet, Amir Khusrau, tried to think of ways to brighten the Saint’s mood. Upon seeing local women carrying flowers on Basant and dressed in yellow, Khusrau too dressed in yellow and took flowers to the Saint. This brought a smile on the Saint’s face. Since then, Basant has been celebrated at the dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia in Delhi and all dargah’s of the Chishti order.
Information courtesy Wikipedia and duly verified by me on my maiden visit to the shrine-and I’ve lived in Delhi for 25 years and been planning to visit but it just never materialised.
The flower vendor said it was a “bulawa”-that the saint instructed me to show up. The same was echoed by the gentleman who guided me around and said he was a priest of the Dargah.
Considering the way it unfolded-I’m inclined to believe that! All at a split second impulse and done smoothly and without any hitches and within an hour. No traffic, no parking issues and I didn’t get lost (which is the biggest deal of all-people who have travelled with me will agree vociferously).
While still slightly bemused at the episode, I am exhilarated with the experience too. As a believer of connections and signs, I like to think I forged the former and received the latter today-all pointing firmly towards having faith and being strong.
A day of celebrations- of knowledge, love and renewal, liberally and cheerfully coloured yellow in all its joy.
Yellow- The colour of intellect and the mind. Offering fun and happiness. Creating an enthusiasm for life and offering hope.
Basant Panchami greetings and may we all bloom and grow together through the delight that is Spring.




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