A Doorbell To Light


The doorbell rang this evening and resisting the urge to laze, I answered it. Fortunately.

For as I peeped through to see who it, what looked back was the evening sky in unbelievable colours. Carrot pink and teal if you’d just believe me. Both of which faded into gently into orange and grey and then just shaded themselves into various strokes of charcoal. An Impressionist canvas in the sky, depicting life. Vibrantly joyful to quietly thoughtful to gravely grey.

An opened door had let in light.

Dispelled the dark,

Giving beauty sight.

And just when a spot of gloom seemed imminent, there twinkled a star in the seriousness. A single sparkling solitaire. Cheerful in its solitude, happy in its changing firmament. Light years away from a friend perhaps. But shining, smiling, being.

Dark and light,

A circle of life.

Neither permanent

One or the other always in sight.

Solitude may seem bleak

We’re never as alone as it seems.

Distant perhaps,

Friends always shine along.

If not then enjoy the solitariness,

Like yourself enough.


Ignore no doorbells that summon.

Make sure you answer for sure.

Open doors let in light.

Give beauty sight.

Dispel the dark.

Give life.

Impressionist Skies

  Impressionist Skies

20150608_194313                                                         20150608_194524


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