The Piffle of A Sniffle


The common cold has caught me in its grip very firm.
Despite my best efforts to come to no harm
Clearly my ENT system carries much charm.

I sneeze,I wheeze,I look ragged and worse for wear.
Tissue boxes see me approach in fear,
Chemists in good cheer.
Ah!There you are!
Remedies to inhale,ingest or smear?

The eyes they water steadily, giving me an evil mien.
One eye shrunken like a lopsided film villain
The nose gets all dithery,
Confused on how to express emotion.
Get all blocked and breathless,
Or flow like it’s monsoon season.

For 7 days I’ll have to endure,
This affliction with no cure.
Though there are suggestions galore,
Steam, Vitamin C, Herbs and Brandy all part of the lore.

Sneeze,wheeze,sniff and sniffle.
The common cold is complete piffle.


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