This fragile thing called life….


This fragile thing called life.

Unpredictable, uncertain , shocking in what can happen in a trice.

No premonition, no precautions. Nothing does prepare,

When the tenuousness of  life,

Decides to catch us unawares.

The vitality, the beauty ,the living of a moment

With unbelievable swiftness, turns into torment.

A spasm, a tremor, a blow,

an intolerant fire arm goes.

A rent in the gossamer fabric of life shows.

Irreparable, irredeemable,

As life ebbs from the flow,

There’s nothing one can do,

But in horror ,watch the show.

An invisible hand up there,

Pulls the strings as it pleases.

There seems no reason, non rhyme for the pain it inflicts.

All our angst and questions and grief.

We have to deal with in disbelief.

There are no answers, No solutions.

No remedy at all.

But to let the flow of time, soften the blow.

And as a lesson, to live life to the hilt today.

Not merely exist, but revel in each day.

Feel each breath, return all smiles,

Do whatever it is that makes us happy in any way.

Savour each moment, cherish the ones we love.

Not wait for tomorrow- and waste a day.

All clichés-I can hear you say.

There will be anger and disagreements and other emotions  along the way.

Much as one would want to, it’s difficult to keep the negatives away.

I so agree in every way.

But to cope with sorrows and grief,

Positivity and strength of mind is what we need.

The memories we gather –whether happy or sad

Hold us then, in good stead.

The happy will heal, the sad will teach.

So will go on the business of living.

It’s fragile-this thing called life.

Unpredictable, uncertain , full of surprise.

(A young Australian Cricketer named Phillip Hughes passed away today-27th November 2014, due to an injury from a bouncer. He was only 25.

Yesterday-26th November 2014, was the 6th anniversary of a horrific act of terrorism in two hotels in Mumbai in 2008. Hundreds died due to the short sighted fanaticism of a few.

Kashmir, Assam, Meghalaya -States in India were flooded during the rains and thousands dies, and an unimaginable number were rendered homeless.

An Air Malaysia aircraft went missing and there is no closure for the families on what exactly happened to their loved ones.

A friend lost her husband to a sudden heart attack.He was away from her at the time.

My mother in-law passed away while consulting a doctor.Her loved ones did not  get a chance to say bye.

Some years ago, a friend fell off a cliff in a freak accident and was lost to us forever.)

Phil Hughes tragic demise saddened me immensely and triggered these thoughts. They also brought to the fore many other memories and I found it important to share my words. If only to be able to read them in the future, when in need of strength.


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