I shared a thought one Sunday night,
Seeking solutions for a wakeful plight

“Sleep eludes me tonight.
I listen to a  bird chirping with all its might.
Perhaps in argument or in fright?
I long to doze off and switch off the light.
Yet the mind is filled with random thoughts holding on tight.
They refuse to settle down,try all I might.
Not a wink of rest is in sight.
Swiftly approaches the witching hour of midnight.
By the minute are reducing the hours of rest and respite.
Slim are the chances of the Monday me being wide-awake and bright.
Sleep eludes me tonight.
Any ideas to help my plight?”

I got an answer much to my delight!

“Count them sheep, goats will do too
Or stars in the sky on a clear night
Drink hot milk ( unless lactose intolerance is you )
Everything’s going to be alright.”

A solution if ever I have another sleepless night!


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