Season’s Greetings


The great thing about being Indian is that ‘Season’s Greetings’ apply pretty much the year round. Across the diverse and rich ethnicity of the multitudes that is India, celebrations and observances abound in large, mind-boggling quantities. So from a harvest festival in January to a celebration of the navratri in October, the phrase would pretty much cover all the months of the year and not just the Bada Din.

As for the time that is now- Eid was celebrated joyfully (and gastronomically) by us today and we also brought in Teej  for the morrow.  Mehndi was applied to sweet little palms and ghevar made it very welcome annual visit. The rains also graced the day very kindly, encouraging us to hope for more visits and not merely a festive one!

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Season’s Greetings people. May there be peace in our hearts and in the world. May there be love not hatred. May the voices of reason ring out in strength. May there be a better tomorrow for all of use to see. May all the seasons bring enough reasons for greetings of joy and harmony.


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