A Book Buying Binge


A pavement loaded with books

I looked.

It was books.

Piled in an orderly way.

I looked.

It was books.

A stall stacked high with them, as I went my way.

I looked.

At the books

Inviting me to take them away.

I looked.

There were books.

Looking for a home to stay.

I looked.

I browsed.

I searched the crowds.

I brought a bagful away.


(This particular binge was at the PVR Anupam Market in Saket, New Delhi. However, the words apply to all book shopping experiences. Other similar places are the Strand Book Store in Mumbai, Om Books-Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon, Midland Book Store-Arjun Marg Market, Gurgaon,The pavement book sales near Flora Fountain, Mumbai and pretty much any book sale I come across.A memorable one was in Cochin-while on a holiday with friends. Four of us made a bee-line for it and the luggage thereafter was heavier in intellect as well as weight. )


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