Beauteous Hues


A balmy breeze

Gorgeous trees

Silk cotton majestic and Bottle Brush swaying gently at ease.


Flowers spilling over side-walks like children tumbling around in play

In absolute unfettered joy!


Stocks in rows. Phlox in tow,

Candy tuft and them-a royally purple show.


Daisies in white, daisies in blue.

The Williams looking pinkly sweet and true

Petunias in frills and a mild perfume.

Delicate damsels all dressed to go out in the noon


Dahlias bob their heads in animated conversation.

With the Pansies smile shyly like young children.

Sundance 2 023

Poppies add a splash of red

Like rubies on an emerald bed,

Calendulas yellow, Cornflowers blue

Snapdragons and Salvia and Larkspur too


Gentle sunshine, comfortable warmth, renewal in every view.

Restorative weather to drive away the cold blues.

A gentle fulfilling happiness flows

Thus revives Spring…with its beauteous hues.


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