Rajpath, New Delhi , India. Sunday, 26th January 2014. The 65th Republic Day of India.

The Su-30 MKI soared into a Vertical Charlie and the crowd roared its approval. As the tri-colour balloons soared and the flags unfurled in the skies my faith in my country reaffirmed itself. Substantially.

I washed away, today, my slowly growing, poisonous cynicism as an Indian with the tears of pride I shed as I viewed, in a lot of glory, an India which was receding into chasms of negativity, in my mind and memory.

Cry I did.

At the tribute to the Amar Jawan. Thank you Unknown Soldier for guarding our freedom. I am grateful.

When the Arjun-MK-II –“Desert Ferrari” Tank rolled past. Home grown. When “Tejas” our first indigenous aircraft took a bow. I am filled with pride.

Every time I saw women in the contingents- as part of, leading, all women and on the tableau. I have hope for those who still suffer.

When the contingents of the services marched past in perfect tandem. I have admiration for your discipline and dedication.

When I saw the crowd of thousands, brave the coldest 26th January in a decade to watch and applaud. It fills me with happiness that the day was still important to so many.

All the colour. All the hard work. All our might. The security personnel guarding us as we watched.

There are a lot of things going wrong in our country today. There also a lot of things going right. Emphasis on the negatives alone can be such a shroud of despair. I resolved today to be a more positive Indian.


Why did I have to write all of this down?

As a record for me to refer at will for time tends to erode memory and I want to hold on to this one particularly. It is also the day I said after a long time-I am proud to be an Indian.



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