A Wish List for the Year


Beauty as you behold it

A warm hug to comfort in distress. A friendly smile from passersby. A friend you can call anytime of the day-a whole bunch you can laugh with on many days. Convivial gatherings in some measure. Solitude when you seek it. Patience. Hope. Appreciation. Traffic less days. Good roads.  An open mind. Unexpected bunches of flowers. Good health. Care in times of ill-health. Adequate resources. Success at work. Time to indulge in a hobby. Some moments of idleness. Invigorating sunrises. Peaceful sunsets. Moonlight nights with the stars all bright. All the colours of the rainbow. Acceptance. Intolerance to injustice. Kindness. Empathy. Fewer misunderstandings. Lots of civic sense. Strength to withstand the tough times. Gratitude to appreciate the good times. The ability to rise above petty thoughts. Fairness. Honesty. The courage to hear the truth. Silver linings and lights at the end of tunnels. Moments of love. Beauty as you behold it. Holidays. Mental stimulation. Knowledge. Common sense. Great conversations. Some pampering .A happy birthday. Thoughtful gifts out of the blue. Help at hand. Sanity in the world around you. Contentment. Peace with yourself.

May the memories you gather in 2014 give you comfort in remembrance down the years.


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