Dhoom 3


Vroom, vroom vroom, (to the tune of Dhoom, dhooom dhoom) zooooom and the occasional ka -boom!

Dhoooom Dhoom Dhoom

A much needed dose of adrenalin to cheer me up on the dull dreary days of winter in the NCR.

ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), Ali (Uday Chopra) and Sahir (Aamir– my heartthrob) play cops and robbers on the streets of Chicago, wrecking absolute mayhem. To begin with, they behave there, like we do here- in true Indian style (no no-not involving lotas and fields) -against the traffic! The cops never wear helmets and the robbers –always. Police cars pile up and get crushed like so many tin cans and the thief always gets the loot. Improbable did I say? TOTALLY! And all the more fun because of it. If this film had come out slightly later, I’d have put it down as another of India’s retaliations against the Khobragade saga-you know-you think SHE broke a rule? Try THIS-boom, boom, crash, and splinter!

The background of the story (it’s actually several stories from here and there rolled into one. You know-inspired by……..?) is a bankrupt circus, a hard-hearted bank and a magical performer(yes-you got that right-Aamir). A dish of revenge served cold, chor-police ka khel and lots of stories ki bhel! The twist in the tale is oh so endearing and to the director’s absolute credit-the film does not lose the plot.

The female lead is Katrina Kaif as Aalia who looks good but is wasted and kind of superfluous. Also-no chemistry between Aamir and Katrina.

A baritone cameo by Jackie Shroff was just right in its casting, while the firang artistes were adequate.

Abhishek Bachchan is a favourite of mine and was great as usual as Jai Dixit. Can we get him more roles please?

Uday Chopra was his usual goofy Ali self. I have a liking for him and really wish he’d get some better roles. I think he has never got a decent opportunity-even daddy gave him the horrible Neal’n’Nikki with blue lenses. See him in Mujhse Dosti Karoge and you might know what I mean.

The music is no great shakes except the title track as always. Aamir’s entry tap dance has been trashed by many but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

His acting? Is that a question or what! Great as always. Great to look at. Even managed a tug at the heartstrings. But I will say that Aamir on the bike looked uncomfortable. John and his bike (Dhoom) were the best-man and machine in one seamless Vrroooooooooooooooom. Hrithik a little less so (Dhoom 2). This was the least so. He didn’t look like he was having fun on it.Ah well-he was still awesome as always.

Oh-the “inspiration” I mentioned- that’s- Batman, Alfred and Q helping out with the vehicles used. Can we mass produce some of them? Traffic and monsoon water logging would be a lark thereafter!

After the slew of c grade movies that have come out recently-this one is pure A grade entertainment, entertainment entertainment- and don’t fuss you guys. Films ARE  about escaping into an unreal world once in a way.

What say?

Once more-come on you people-Dhoom machale!


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