Bunting, Balloons and Bright Lights


The day had dawned clear and bright.

The bunting swayed gently and the balloons added just the right amount of festivity and colour to the day which was sunny and pleasant to begin with….a perfect setting for a precious little girl’s special day.

May your life have bright sunny and colourful days of joy and happiness in abundance.

The guests milled around the courtyard, enjoying their conversations and company. Mothers sat together and chatted easily, enjoying the sun, while the children—all your friends and you-ran around, played games of your own devising and generally had a rollicking good time.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, class mates, neighbours, friends from the past-all gathered to celebrate with you and make your day even more special for you.

May you always have the comforting cocoon of family and the loving warmth of friends all along your way.

As I write this, the sun has set and the day is drawing to a close. The bunting and the balloons have been joined by bright lights.

May your always wear your charming smile and light up our lives.

An assortment of wrapping paper piled high in the corner of the room rustles untidily. Bits of it glitter and cast a shine on the wall, while others lie around lazily, their job of adorning your gifts done. There are presents piled everywhere….loving  and thoughtful .Cartoon character puzzles, books, clothes, a couple of Barbie dolls, a lovely jacket, loads of  very interesting craft kits. A motley bunch of thoughts, perspectives and happiness waiting to be experienced by you.

May your life be filled with bushels of enriching experiences and may you grow with each one.

On your birthday today, my dearest Sabrina I wish for you all the very best life can offer and more.

Much love.


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