The Eye in The Sky


The shoulders were slumped, the feet, they dragged

the mind was tense and preoccupied.

Fatigue and fear, they kept up with me,

Up and down the paths I trod.



I looked up on  impulse,

And saw it above there

An eye in the sky.

Friendly, bright and clear.


It seemed to say to  me

Worry not my dear

I know the cares you have

The whole host of fears

The challenges seem many,

The solutions , far and few

But where I sit, I see

The things you cannot see

The wheels of time, they turn in perpetuity,

Circumstances change constantly.

What is meant to be, will be.


The eye in the sky, it smiled at me

Have faith it said

Don’t fight the circle of life

Go with the flow and live!

Breathe, laugh and sing

I am watching and I can see

Life unfolding for you as it should be.


I looked around and realised

I had new companions by my side.

Fear and fatigue had slipped away.

Faith and courage kept me company on my way.


I looked up again and smiled

At the eye in the sky.

Eye in the sky


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