Antidote for the blues



The sky was overcast and neither stars nor the moon were visible. A lone jacana trotted across the grass silently, occasionally pausing to watch me pace up and down the paved path. The walkway was lit by one solitary street light and the refreshingly cool evening air was heavy with the fragrance of the harsingar flowers. The sounds were all at a distance and the silence around was balmy and beautiful.

A sense of peace enveloped me almost as if a loving hand had draped a shawl around my cold shoulders. The irritability and exhaustion of the day seeped away and I felt renewed.

I wish I could bottle the experience and share it with you; Keep a large stock for me too. I would call it “Antidote for the blues”. Prescription dose, once every evening and I promise you would feel as rejuvenated as I do.


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