Once Upon A Time In Mumbai…..Dobaara


My question to Ekta Kapoor and Milan Luthria.

Kyun Tune Meri Fursat Ki
Itni zyaada khapat ki,

Aisi ahmak movie hai,

Ye Tune Kya Kiya……

It seems to be a month of seasoned, skilled actors losing the plot somewhere.

To begin at the beginning however……

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai ended with Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgn) dying and his protégé Shoaib (Emran Hashmi) turning into all kinds of evil. THAT was a tremendous film with power packed performances and a tight, terrific story.

THIS now is the story of a “grown up” Shoaib played by Akshay Kumar, who lives in Dubai and rules his share of Mumbai’s underworld from there. He is a ruthless, egoistic don who wants to rule all of Mumbai and not just a part. So he takes over all the various territories and puts forward a “Management Contract” kind of deal…..we handle your income and business and give you a percentage. Ahem-Contract killings, mugging-anything. How very Corporate of him….he even sports a suit   and dark glasses all the time.

His “Managers” in Mumbai include Aslam (Imran Khan), who he took under his wing as a child, (Safe to call him and his lame friend (dedh tang) Management Trainees).off the streets and inducted him into his world of dark deeds. Aslam swears by and for Shoaib and obviously never at him…as he says…”Aap hamesha mere hero rahoge”.

A faction (Mahesh Manjrekar as Rawal) in Mumbai rebels against this unceremonious take over and tries to kill Shoaib….which gets him riled and he returns to Mumbai, swearing revenge.

Enter into their (Shoaib and Aslam’s) lives Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha). Both fall in love with her and she does eventually reveal who she prefers put the wait is quite excruciating as the rest of the film is the story of this “khatarnak triangle. ….paving the way for a OUATIM-3 or tibara or something (clutching my head in despair.)

On the periphery of this circus, move some policemen, constantly trying to snare Shoaib, who always outwits them. Obviously—because the poor ACP Sawant (Abhimanyu Singh) in-charge apparently spends all his time at his desk, handling reports from his juniors in the field….thereby being deprived of food, sleep and other such essentials to be able to think!

There are several irrelevant sub plots and inconsistencies.

Dedh Tang and Shaheen’s back of the car seat romance which gave way to the romance of the chaperones. Crassly handled.

Shoaib’s first love –Mumtaz (Sonali Bendre) brought in to give a two bit on conscience and destroying peoples lives.

Jasmine lives in Mumbai and is a budding actress but moves around with blinkers as she is the only one who does NOT know that Shoaib is THE GANGSTER of Mumbai till he tells her and shows her what he can do. She plays the “we are just good friends, I am not in love with you “card on him. Duh!!

She is jaunting around with either Aslam or Shoaib (never in daylight) and Ammi never objects? Hellllllloo!

They can’t decide if this is the 80’s or the 90’s …….let the viewers a bit confused too!

The Acting is a HUGE let down.

Akshay Kumar as Shoaib looks “suit”ably Don like….right down to the bit where he rocks chairs with his pointy toed shoes. But the true reflection of his skills some forth only in a couple of scenes where he exudes all the menace of a callous and somewhat bestial goon who has been thwarted in love and been (according to him) betrayed by his best. For most part of the film, he is mouthing some really inane dialogues with a cynical grin and not much else.

“agar main hero ban gaya to meri pehchaan bura maan jayegi”

“Mujhe kisine kahaan tha ke mera future bright hain.. tabhi se kala chasma pehenke ghoomta hoon. “

Imran Khan is highly overrated as an actor and is playing the caricature of an  Aslam from Dongri, Mumbai with an Anglicised rendition of dialogues and his perpetual “wide eyed with wonder “look- for love, sorrow, hate or fear. One look fits all!  Mr. Khan- a thin moustache, thin shirts and visible vests alone do not make a character true. Do a little research! Watch Akbar in Amar Akbar Anthony if nothing else. Unconvincing and disappointing.

Sonakshi Sinha looks good and acts well. In fact, her scenes with Akshay Kumar had some chemistry going at least. She pulled of a bimbette act really well.

Mahesh Manjrekar, Sonali Bendre, Abhimanyu Singh-What a waste of talent.

The Dialogues need a special mention. They were SO bad. Well…not all but say 99% of them. Painfully cheesy one liners with no depth and oh so wince worthy.

“aansoo best friends ki tarah hote hain….jab dukh hota hai to turant aa jaate hain” (specially relevant to me…..I saw the film with one aansoo…..errr best friend. )

“hamari line me ek saying hai….teen tigada, kaam bigada” (on Aslam discovering that he and Shoaib bhai both love Jasmine.)

The Music has one nice song……”yeh tune kya kiya”. It also has “Tyeb Ali Pyar Ka Dushman” from Amar Akbar Anthony reprised in a slightly different avtar, which is not bad.

This second outing in Mumbai is a big letdown. Since the team behind the scenes is the same….Milan Luthria, Rajat Arora and Ekta Kapoor, I guess they thought they had it  pat and the public would accept all.

You don’t guys. Watch your own films…..you’ll see what I mean. You can and have done so much better than this.


Agar aisee hi filmein banate rahe, to tumhare darshak bura man jayenge.

Woh tumhari line me ek saying hai na?

Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai … entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.

Aur hamein sirf entertainment chahiye. So aisa mazak phir mat karna.

On a serious note:

The film has a fair amount of violence in it. It has been given a U/A certification which means that children of 12 years and above can watch this film under parental guidance. A lot of children that age WILL watch it in cinemas and absorb all that unhealthy bloodshed. It should have got an A certification to deter younger kids from watching it. Yes…I know it would air on TV in a few months. There too, I would recommend a late slot or no viewing.


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