Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


Bunny- a.k.a Kabir Thapar is good looking, fun loving, charming and an outrageous flirt. Somewhat of a misogynist but focussed on his goal of travelling the world and living life on his terms. Somewhat curt to his stepmother but if such a thing is possible-politely so. Clearly fond of his father.

Naina-a serial topper, studious and serious. Also bored of constantly studying and a tad unsure of fitting in with “cool” people and making friends.

Aditi– slightly bohemian best friend of Bunny and Avinash-gambler friend of all mentioned.

Bunny, Aditi, Avinash and Naina are school mates and the former three are friends since then and are off on a trek to Manali. Naina-bumps into Aditi and on impulse-as she is SICK of studying to be a doctor, joins them.

Against the majestic beauty of the mountains, Naina finds a change in herself and in the midst of pulling pranks, dancing with abandon and actual trekking  falls in love with Bunny…who is definitely attracted but is so firm in his mind that he has no time for “ishq”, that the feelings never surface….but oh you can see the sparks fly…..when he looks down at her and smiles in the midst of a colourful dancing throng of people….when he turns to her and says-“tum jaisi ladkiyon se flirt nahin karte. Unse to ishq karte hain”.And when he realises that he tells her things he has never shared with anyone. Sigh Sigh. (This “dil” went all badtameez on me……seedhi saadhi chori went sharaabi for sure!)

As chance would have it, Naina is unable to declare her love for him, though she wants to and they all go their different ways. Eight years later is when they meet again…at Aditi’s wedding. The passing years seem to have been but a pause in conversation (you know-great friendships are like that), the fun and frolic starts right over again. They are  older and mature-all of them having grown up in different ways, their friendship remains strong nevertheless-Aditi has accepted that Avinash never loved her, it was a one way street-thus her arranged marriage to someone who makes her feel good and comfortable. Naina-has not been pining away for Bunny and Avi-is well almost alcoholic and a definite gambler but not irredeemably so. As for Bunny-still charming, still a flirt. But somewhere that heart-meltingly alluring smile is lost. His “I am looking right into your soul” naughty yet gentle eyes are serious. Like he is missing something in life.but has not quite realised it yet. And for Bunny and Naina the realisation that they are poles apart, neither is wrong, just different and they are in love….and will part ways for the differences are seemingly insurmountable…..

Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Lab namak rame na misri
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Tujhe preet purani bisri..
Mast Maula, mast Kalander
Tu hawa ka ek bavandar
Bujh ke yun andar hi andar
Kyun reh gaya..

One Unhappy Bunny. One unhappy Naina. Some introspection .A word in guidance from a stepmother…….maybe they’ll end but celebrating their love?


In case I had not mentioned it earlier-Ranbir Kapoor as Kabir/Bunny is OUTSTANDING. Three generations of Kapoor and maternal genes in full flow.  Roguish and oh so charming even when serious and he dances his way to your heart….and what accomplished, unfettered dancing!!!!!!! (there goes my dil all badtameez again…., pirouetting in a ghagra.)

Deepika Padukone’s serious Naina is endearing and glamorous Naina is toothsome. All of her is spontaneous. All of them are.

Kalki Koechlin as Aditi is sweet but sort of wasted and Aditya Roy Kapoor as Avinash needs serious lessons in acting and to shed his “I am Farhan Akhtar’s lookalike and hence as talented feel”. Kunal Roy Kapoor was zany as usual but superfluous.

And Ms. Madhuri Dixit in “ghagra” is a treat to watch such grace and joy in her dancing.

The story is simple but believable for all or some of it could be true for any one of us. All of it handled with the magic only cinema can weave-great locales, lovely sunrises, soothing sunsets, intelligent dialogue and all that sort of thing. Just the kind of film one needs to relax and recharge.

The music is terrific. Very catchy “ghagra” and “balam pichkari”, soulful “Kabira” and mischievous “dilli wali girlfriend “.The pièce de résistance is of course “Badtameez dil”. Memories of Mr. Shammi Kapoor come swinging back to our minds…all the more poignant for the young chip of the old block they are riding on.

Light, frothy, funny .Introspective. Serious in part. Good clean entertainment –sans item numbers, abuses, sex and voilence err sorry  violence.

 Ayan Mukerji….a great follow up to “Wake Up Sid”. Thank you for making yet another film I can watch with my 5 year old daughter.

And people….you go watch it too.


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