The (W)rest Quest


It was an important mission. The decision to undertake it had come about after several painful weeks of deliberation, but it could no longer be avoided. Several attempts would have to be made, days apart and only then was success possible. Too many quick attempts would mar the plan and attract the wrong kind of attention. It would take some time to achieve, but at the end of it all, it would prove worthwhile.
In anticipation of the mission, some preparations had already been initiated in advance to help her. She was well trained in the field.
Day 1
She peered into the opening, the bright light illuminating the dark recesses to show a route. A blocked, difficult route but accessible. Almost childishly simple and routine….or so it seemed at the time. She set to work with her tools. Drilling away to access the area so it could be cleaned out and sealed so no other destructive elements could go there. Finally, after about an hour, she sat back, satisfied with the progress. The balance would have to be done another day.
Day 2….3 days later.
It was day two of the plan. She was positioned at the opening, the bright light fortunately guiding here again. The cleaned out route was clearly visible and free of hindrance. However, as I said, the plan called for careful planning and so as a precaution, she withdrew again, leaving the cleared area with protection. It seemed that Day three would be the culmination.
Day 3…5 days later.
The best laid plans sometimes go awry. Day three loomed with the cavern having sprouted another problematic route. That too would now have to be cleared and blocked from further invasion. She squared her back and soldiered on…doing what was required, her faithful tools helping her. Sweaty browed and tired, she was confident that this time the job was indeed done and that in a day or so, the entire painful process would be over.
Day 4….another 3 days later.
Was a simple recce. Just to see if things were falling in place. They seemed to be….so she withdrew again, giving the safeguards more time. All seemed well.
Day 5….. 7 days later.
Not so. Day five dawned with yet another problematic road, rearing its ugly head. This was bad, because it now meant elimination, which was the last option of the operation and the least desirable. But there was no option now.
She got down to work. Having sanitised the location, she assembled her tools and got down to the painful process of getting rid of the problem. Except that she ran into a hitch. The problem in question was deep and firmly rooted and would not budge an inch. No amount of struggling was yielding results. After her best attempts proved futile, she decided she needed back up. A dramatic drive in an evening of rain, thunder and strong winds, the re-inforcements, rose to the occasion and speedily sorted out the problem. It was finally over.

The Wrest Quest

The story of my painful upper left molar…began 4 weeks ago with a root canal treatment and ended up yesterday…as an extraction..the last between two dentists, 4 kilometres apart and with the much needed, numbing effect of 4 anaesthetic injections in 2 hours.


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