Nautanki Saala



I am probably one of a very small minority who enjoyed “Nautanki Saala”. But so there…I did! Not a movie for those looking for a strong story line, brilliant acting, foot tapping music. No. Also no meaning of life, the evils of society etc etc.

A barrel full of laughs it IS though and only that. An adaptation of a French film (I don’t know how “adapted” it is- not seen it!), the story is of a “Mr. Help Everyone Kind “of guy called Ram….a sweet Ayushmann Khurrana(I may have left out a few r’s and n’s but you know who I mean.)A theatre actor/director, he stops a guy –Mandar (a daftly depressed-good acting there-Kunal Roy Kapoor….some a’s missing here too I think) from committing suicide and following a Chinese proverb….is thereafter responsible for his life! In an attempt to help him regain his confidence and the love of his life, Ram pulls out all stops (and his credit card). In the process he falls in love with the love of the life and thus ensues some drama. All this enacted against the background of a very retro Ramayan or rather Ravayan.

What fails the movie is the lack of depth in the emotion department. The acting is superficial and the emotions shallower than a kiddie pool. Plenty of laughs, but the “falling in love” is oh so thanda…..disappointing from AK. The ladies are stilted and a trifle “bimbettish”. Friendship, betrayal, etc too are dealt with in a fairly off-hand manner.

Worth one watch at least…..but you could catch it on satellite TV too.


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