The House In Adampur


It stood at the curve of the road. A big house with several bedrooms, a kitchen, a store and a drawing-room. A garden in the front, in which stood tall trees of mulberry (‘shehtut’), scattering their wine coloured-(white and red), sweet and headily scented fruit all over. Indian rose bushes….the “desi gulab” grew in profusion such that my mother tried a very successful hand at several fragrantly sweet bottles of rose sherbet.  The rear garden housed chillies….in three colours and varying levels of spice. Green, red and black!

I also made my acquaintance with “galgals” here. The slightly oval cousins of the lemon, thick skinned and sour, galgal pickles served as an amazing accompaniment to parathas.

Perhaps the first conscious memories of a seven-year old me. The beginning of an informal and invaluable education of a “fauji” child.

This was The House in Adampur.


(Air Force Station Adampur is located 14 kilometres from the city of Jallandar, Punjab. A fighter base under the Western Air Command with Mig 21s (Type 96 in 101 and 37 Squadrons of The Indian Air Force. The year -1980.)


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