It is daybreak….but the moon has not set. Against the crimson haze of dawn, it has stayed behind to greet the first rays of the sun, remaining in the sky like an auspicious dot on the forehead of the day. The birds are just about stirring, the air is cool and fragrant. The silence around me and within adds to the beautifully serene beginning my day has had.

I wish you the same.


4 thoughts on “Dawn…

  1. As I walked today for the first time after almost two months, i felt the cool breeze of the morning greet me and wake me – i felt alive again – happy! 🙂

  2. Sreejith

    Good One Rahana, Just the other day , we friends were discussing this, sucha powerful moon during the night gets overshadowed by sun within no time in the morning… So much nature tells us in different ways….

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