Heroine-While imminently watchable, the film is not as hard hitting as some of Madhur Bhandarkar’s earlier offerings….possibly because we already know so much about the film world. No surprises and no shocks. None of the characterisations resemble anyone existing so offence is just not possible.

Heroine is a reflection of our society today- Machiavellian, ruthless, shallow and treacherous. Of short term memories, transient accolades and being only as good your last success. The story could have fitted pretty much any industry or walk of life-not just the movies. It not just the story of a heroine and her trials and tribulations.

Kareena Kapoor as the successful, uncertain, insecure, sometimes impulsive Mahi is dazzling. Gorgeous and graceful, yet the vulnerability is so well displayed…..in sessions with her therapist, trying to essay the role of a prostitute, begging her lover to commit. The absolute clincher is her blank catatonic stare-ironically at having achieved the elusive success she was craving…but at what a cost.

Arjun Rampal is his usual handsome self, and is the perfect choice for Aryan. As is Randeep Hooda perfectly cast as the flamboyant cricketer. The cameos are brilliant too. The slimy, lecherous leading men-Sanjay Suri the best, back stabbing co-stars-Mugdha Godse and an unexpected bond in parallel cinema-Sahana Goswami. Helen as a star of the yester years delivers the most poignant acceptance speech- “Thank you to those who stood by me on my journey, and a bigger thank you to those who did not”

A very proud Raj Kapoor I’m sure is beaming down at his talented grandchildren…Ranbir last week, Kareena now.


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