Barfi! As delicious as an actual barfi-sweet, soft, uplifting and brings a smile to your face!


Vaguely reminiscent of “Koshish” directed by Gulzar in 1972, Barfi! Is an absolute delight to watch. It could easily have lapsed into a tear-jerking melodrama but has managed to remain a refreshing story of living life to the hilt. I think the similarity lies in the absolute positivity in their outlook and the lack of needless drama. The story revolves around three characters, two of whom are differently abled. And the beauty of the film lies entirely in the fact that it is NOT about the sadness in their lives. It is about acceptance, love, friendship and that there are no boundaries and no challenges when we connect with a person. Not preachy, not “holier-than-thou”, it makes you realise that relationships don’t always need words. And it is humorous. Ranbir Kapoor emotes effortlessly without words yet touches everyone. An adorable prankster, it is impossible not to fall in love with him. Definitely a huge chunk (not just a chip) of the various old blocks in his lineage. Ileana is beautiful and has managed to hold her own. Priyanka is exceptional as Jhilmil –especially when she portrays her possessiveness for Barfi.

The film is special for its joie-de-vivre and poignancy.


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