My Friend Jack….


My friend Jack of the Daniel’s fame,

I could put his picture in a golden frame

He gives imbibing of spirits, such a good name!


He’s a hundred and sixty, I am thirty-eight,

The difference in centuries carries no weight,

We get along well,

This Old No 7 and me.

(Have it on good authority that Gentleman Jack is even more fun,

Some more time needed, to try out that one.)


His company lightens the mood,

Makes one feel good.

The shadows seem to lighten,

The outlook seems to brighten.


Conversation flows smoothly,

There are no rough edges,

I thoroughly enjoyed my soliloquy with me,

He is not one who judges!


Our acquaintance is relatively new,

Our interactions far and few,

But some day I hope to call him John,

As did Lt Col Slade in Scent of a Woman


Post WUI (Written Under The Influence )of Jack and Coke…..if you don’t like it…..go have one yourself and lighten up!


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