The urge to write has come upon me……..!


I am not a writer……. (As in I can and do write….official letters, e-mails, notes, lists, messages) but not anything of tremendous literary value. I am a reader…..I devour the written word. Newspapers, books, magazines, on occasion even the pamphlets in newspapers, blogs. In fact reading is the one activity in my life I cannot do without. Keeps me sane, and out of other people’s hair! My books are old friends.

However, for some days now, I have been consumed by this desire to write and (hopefully) immortalise my thoughts on paper. Unfortunately, this urge is most pronounced when it is the least possible for me to even write on paper, forget the laptop. Driving to office is one such time. The 45 minute long drive gives me plenty of food for thought and material for a blog a day. The words come springing into my mind and I become determined to put them down at the first given opportunity, before I forget them. Sadly, in the process of earning our daily bread, butter, cheese and other essentials, the moment I reach office, the words take a back seat. Reality looms large.

Lately, however, these words have become persistent. I think they want to get out of going around in circles in my mind. Must be boring to deal with the same grey cells 5 days a week between 8.15 am and 9! So they have persevered and made me remember them. I have now got them saved for the future. So I’m hoping that the writer in me is going to burst forth with loquacity and clarity and fame and accolades are waiting for me in the future. One lives in hope! You notice I don’t say “near future”?

So why “needstotalk”? Because I need to talk. Because a lot of what I want to say I am unable to….sometimes for want of an audience or opportunity. Sometimes because I feel that it is not of interest to the other person. So what better way than to write it down. No captive audience. No stress. And who knows…..a terrific author in the making?

And why a blog…..well I’m sure someone in this world of a gazillion people will read and exchange their views with me and who knows, I might find an LMP (Like Minded Person for the uninitiated) and broaden my horizons. Make a friend. I’m big on making friends…..but that’s another story.

Makes sense? As George Eliot said “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”


5 thoughts on “The urge to write has come upon me……..!

  1. Hi Rachna

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Heeding the call to write is a very gratifying thing indeed. I started my blog a year and half back and I loved every minute I spent writing it. Wish you all the luck and lots of LMPs!

    cheers …. Brijesh

  2. Nice blog Rachna! nice reading so keep writing. i used to keep a diary when I was a kid and strongly feel that’s the only reason I did not go insane during the teenage years or do drugs! and now if only I had the time to write I am sure I would be a far less stressed out mid-thirties woman and enjoy my own life hell of a lot more! So please keep writing and keep sane and I’ll keep reading 🙂

    • Thank you Urmila…high praise indeed coming from a literary agent. Yes I intend to keep writing. What is very heartening is that all the comments and feedback so far is positive and encouraging. 🙂

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